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Danny and Bobby Frazitta are two of the most talented producers no one knows about, but all of that looks to change with their latest compilation album "Throwbacks The Mixtape". As co founders of Bring It Back Entertainment, the Frazittta brothers have assembled a nice lineup of various underground emcees and raw up and coming talent for their debut release. The two Virginia natives along with fellow producer Kevlar, provide the production for the album, which manages to stay fresh, innovative and captivating for the album's entirety. They provide a landscape that is constantly changing, offering various sounds that enable it hard for listeners to grasp what each producers distinct sound actually is, which is definitely refreshing in this day and age. In a time where most producers stick to one distinct and repetitive sound, Kevlar and the Frazitta brothers prove they have the talent to make it in this industry.

But "Throwbacks The Mixtape" doesn't just capitalize on great production, but solid efforts behind the mic as well. The most notable of these is Sketch & Akshan's head nodding, bounce sounds of "Oh Yes". Sketch's battle influence lyricism shines bright throughout the album, with his witty punch lines and metaphors. "Fyah" & "How Will I Know" are more standout efforts from Sketch, who ends up being one of the main attractions of "Throwbacks". Chicago's very own SoulStice puts forth one of the album's best performances with "Blazin", a track that showcases the underrated emcees talents. Stice rips the track with a ridiculous doubled timed flow, in which he proves he can give it to you in a multitude of ways, fast or slow.

For those wanting even more variety, "Code Of The Streetz" featuring Nick Fury & Blitz is a hardcore and gritty effort that will stay stuck in your head for days thanks to a very catchy hook. For those wanting a lesson in lyrical excellence the BIB Remix of Storm's "So Unpredictable" is all you need. One of the main complaints with Storms debut album "Amalgamation" was the lack of solid production, which is thankfully solved on "Throwbacks", showing what Storm can actually do once given outstanding production. On the freestyle tip is where the albums biggest names come into play, as Phonte of Little Brother, Virginia's very own Skillz and Doujah Raze all offer memorable verses. Phonte especially blazes the mic with his usual offering of braggadocios rhymes and witty wordplay.

While many of the names featured on "Throwbacks The Mixtape" may not be familiar to the casual Hip Hop fan, there is no denying the talent filled throughout the album. In an era when most mixtapes and compilations are consumed with nothing but filler material, "Throwbacks" is one of the few albums that stays consistent throughout. While it may take you a couple listens to fully delve into the album, "Throwbacks" is as satisfying an underground mixtape can be these days. The Frazitta brothers will surly open some eyes given the right chance and hopefully "Throwbacks" is the album to do it. For more information on Bring It Back Entertainment, visit

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