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Great lyricists are hard to come by in this day and age of over commercialization and watered down products. Timid is indeed a great lyricist who has an uncanny ability to not only amaze you with his lyricism but rhyme structure and topics. On "Intimidation", great lyricism is never at a minimum, however as history has taught us, it takes more than great lyrics to become a great emcee or to put out a quality album. While the building blocks for success are there, Timid has much work to do in order to truly elevate his game.

The main problem with "Intimidation" stares you right in your face throughout the album's entirety, the production. With most of the album self produced by Timid himself, the production on the album completely withdraws any chances of "Intimidation" being a success. Boring at times, but more suitable to describe it is simplistic and sloppily put together. It seems as if most of the tracks do not mix well together, as Timid's lyricism never seems to match the production. There is no meshing of the two sides which is seen on tracks such as "All About The Rhyme", "I Ain't Got Nothin" which utilizes a horrible sample, "Make No Mistake", "My Apology" and "Understand The Concept". While lyrically Timid stays on point through every track on the album with his abstract yet insightful lyricism, each cut seems to be put together without any chemistry or charisma on the mic along with the production area. Even an amazing track such as "Life's Way" falls short because the production doesn't match the track's vibe. With a great, soulful hook the production feels out of place. You can just imagine this track being a success if it had some more soulful/heartfelt production to mirror its outstanding hook.

Hooks are a definite strong point of the album, as most tend to be a success. And while for the most part the production is disappointing there are some cases where we get a great match of the two sides of Timid, the lyrical and production. "Intimidation Intro", "My Soul", "The World Is A Ghetto", "Bars On The Battlefield" and especially "The Lineup" all tend to succeed and showcase the finer parts of Timid's arsenal. "The Lineup" is especially memorable, as the production is the albums strongest and definitely should be mirrored more often.

While lyrically "Intimidation" is a good release, Timid needs to work on the production aspect of his game in order to truly make a splash in this industry. Numerous emcees have came and went in this game even though lyrically they were outstanding. It's about making good songs not always about lyricism that will gain you longevity in this game. Just look at emcees like Canibus, who had all the lyrical talent in the world but could capitalize on it and take it to the next level. The skills are there, make no mistake about it, with some better production Timid can definitely be an emcee to look out for in the future.

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