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Thirstin Howl III is one of the hungriest emcees to ever spit on the mic. For years, he has been putting out his own albums and using other people's instrumentals. His last album "Serial Skiller" was the first to use all of his own fresh, new beats along with some production by P.F. Cuttin. The original Lo-Life, (aka The 'Skillionaire' aka the 'Skillosopher') got a deal with Landspeed Records, The Polorican (& hardcore thief) has put out a greatest hits package along with a couple of new tracks. All the tracks have been remixed and re-mastered. This collection is a must for any fan of Howl's work. Even if you have the older tracks, the sound quality (& the glossy packaging) makes the LP legit.

There are many incredible songs that have the hunger and humor we all love from Howl. "Walk The Walk, Spit The Spit Part 2" (featuring Unique London and Master Fool) is a worthy follow-up to the incredible original. Using the same exact beat, Howl has enough energy to eat and digest the mic. "I Still Live With My Moms" (featuring Master Fool) is a hilarious track that explores the benefits of living at home. Eminem joins in on "Watch Deez" (produced by DJ Spinna). The song is a wild and gritty track with a classic performance by Eminem. As he swallows pills and talks to Satan, Eminem spits a verse from the days of "The Slim Shady LP." A dope track that is beautiful in its simplicity and attitude. "Brooklyn Hard Rock (Pt. 1)" featuring Unique London (and produced by Steve Bossman) was originally heard on "Soundbombing II" (but only had one verse). The next single is a play on Notorious B.I.G.'s "Dreams Of F*cking An R&B Singer," Howl's version (from his "Serial Skiller" LP) is called "Dreams Of F*cking A Cartoon B*tch." Produced by P.F. Cuttin, this is a clever and comical track that goes down all of the animated females from years past to today. Howl's energy is matched by his raunchy humor. "Alaskan Fisherman" is the final track and also Howl's new group. This clever track brings the hood into the polar regions. "I got 20 inch dubs on my snowmobile!" This is just another example of Howl's humor.

Even though all of the tracks are entertaining, some do not possess the cleverness that we love of Howl. "I Wanna Watch", produced by Will Tell, is a raunchy track about his girlfriend being a bi-sexual and Howl's yearn to see the two females in action. Unique London handles the hook with Howl yelling toward the end. Master Fool helps out on the dumb "Keep On Cluckin'." Howl has way better songs in his catalogue. I have no idea why he chose this one. "How Many Babies Movas" (from the "Skillospher" LP) uses an M.O.P. beat from "G-Building." Howl is very funny as he counts down the many women he got pregnant and tells of the problems they are causing him. The annoying aspect of the song is the hook which is just repeated over and over again by The Duchess New York. The opening track "Thirstyman" (featuring Unique London & Disco) is decent but does not kick the LP off the right way. The slow beat chugs along with Unique singing the title for the hook. With the exception of "Keep On Cluckin'," none of these tracks are bad nor do they stifle the LP's flow. There is actually some very good aspects to each track. Still, these tracks just do not shine as bright compared to the shining jewels of the album

The skilled remixing and re-mastering is evident when they raise the sound quality of the classic "John They're Stealing" (featuring Rack-Lo). While the original was had a horrible sound quality, this new re-mastered version sounds the way it always should have sounded.

Thirstin Howl III is finally getting the support he deserves. By having classic cuts re-mastered and released in proper packaging, old fans can still appreciate his work while new fans can be converted. This LP is not only a perfect introduction to the emcee but a nice collection for any fan. Even though some of the song choices should have been different, Howl's classic cuts like "Polorican," "John They're Stealing," "Stole," "Dreams…" and "Brooklyn Hard Rock" are mandatory for any best-of compilation. Production is mainly handled by Howl, P.F. Cuttin or Steve Bossman. DJ Spinna also does an excellent job on "Watch Deez" featuring Eminem. The beats (that aren't stolen from other people's instrumentals) are all thick and the scratching adds a strong element of hardcore hip-hop. Overall, it's Howl's hunger and charisma along with his humor that drives this LP. "Skilligan's Island" serves as both a strong introduction to the insane world of Thirstin Howl III while pleasing old fans at the same time. If Howl was on Gilligan's Island, he would rob everybody and watch Mary Anne and Ginger have sex. Any fan of Thirstin Howl III would have a very good time being stranded here… on "Skilligan's Island."

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