Louis Logic conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Louis Logic: More Than Rap

September 2008

For those that aren't yet up on Louis Logic, now may well be the time. We've been following him since our former site "Tha-Real," which means for nearly ten years we've been tracking the "Drunken Dragon."

His debut album "Sin-A-Matic" was recently re-released, remixed. Each song was meshed with a carefully selected song from the 80's, and many of the songs featured guest appearances which weren't present on the original. You can preview the songs over at http://www.myspace.com/louislogic and purchase the album for download here.

MVRemix: You've been recording for about a decade now, how has the situation changed from your 12" days before "Sin-A-Matic" to now?

Louis Logic: Well, for one thing, I didn't have a lot of experience. I was really only interested in being taken seriously as a rapper. I've been working with my long time partner/producer J.J. Brown and he used to fight me tooth and nail about the lack of adventure in my tastes and expression. After the "Sin-A-Matic" album, I began to drift so far from the shoreline that J.J. realized he'd created a bit of a monster by encouraging my exploration. I don't feel at home unless I'm completely lost in uncharted territory. I suppose that's pretty different.

MVRemix: How has being signed to Fat Beats helped your career? Rapper Louis Logic Interview

Louis Logic: It helped me to realize what I don't want. I don't fit into that world anymore. I'm not even sure I fit into the rap world at large very well anymore, but specifically, the boom bap indie rap days are over for me.

MVRemix: You were working with a Swedish producer last time we spoke on a joined album, any updates on that?

Louis Logic: Danish, actually, and it's more than one fella. I've actually started a band there. Three years ago I met Laust Jeppesen and Rolf Hede, then called Nick Nack, and a part of the Copenhagen supergroup of producers, Nobody Beats The Beats. We collaborated for their solo album when they changed their name to Beatman & Rockin'. It was during these sessions, conducted in Copenhagen, that we naively stumbled into our current incarnation.

We are a surf rap band for lack of a simpler explanation and our group is called Spork Kills. Laust plays keys, guitar and a little bass, while Rolf plays Bass and Percussion. Laust's little brother, Emil Jensen, plays trumpet. I recently shot my first video for the record and a song called "Night of the Hip N' Dead." We've put up our first leaked song at www.myspace.com/sporkkills but have not yet begun to promote it. You are of course welcome to go and have a gander. I haven't begun to shop this record yet, so I cannot speak on when or where it will come out, suffice it to say that I have no intention of putting out on an indie rap label.

MVRemix: What about your J-Zone collaborated effort?

Louis Logic: Long since abandoned. A bit sad, but what can you do? We didn't see eye to eye on the pairing of our styles. He wanted the old Louis with the new J. I wanted the old J with the new Louis. We made 2 songs together and that was that. Recently Zone started an album of Malt Liquor jingles. He asked me to play piano and sing backing vocals for it. We collaborated on a song called "Leave That Horse Alone" about fabled Malt Liquor, "Crazy Horse."

MVRemix: How did the concept for "Sin-A-Matic" (The 80's Edition) come about?

Louis Logic: J.J. and I are both 80's kids. We grew up on the music that J.J. so masterfully reconstructed to fit our wacky debut record. The idea was an obvious extension of the Ludacris & Jackson 5 and Gym Class Heroes & Hall & Oates remix records. Very often J.J. would fill the time at the end of our shows and the car rides from city to city on tour with our favorite hits of the 80's. When we decided to remix the "Sin-A-Matic" record it was a relatively short discussion that happened after J.J. pointed out how cool the original cover art would look with an 80's theme. 2 months later he and co-producer/mix engineer Dan "The Deacon" Maier were putting the finishing touches on "The 80's Edition." I'm just a lucky boy who woke up with this gem under my Christmas tree.

MVRemix: How did you decide upon the guests?

Louis Logic: Most of the people on the remix record are close friends. Some are recent, some old timers we've known for eons. Mainly we tried to make it a family affair.

MVRemix: Was the remixing a long process?

Louis Logic: J.J. is one of those dudes who gets so in a groove that you just don't interrupt him. You let him plow through and then go back in and do clean up. He produced most of the 80's Edition in about a month and a half, maybe even a little less.

MVRemix: Which is your favourite remixed song?

Louis Logic: "Dust to Dust." No question. I love that one. I think I even like it more than the original.

MVRemix: Now that you make music and tour full time, do you find your lifestyle harder or easier to maintain?

Louis Logic: I would say harder because I have to really hustle and be careful to plan out my earnings each month to make sure I can pay the mortgage and all my bills. It's not always such an easy task with a career that is so unpredictable. I don't know where my money is coming from one month to the next. Some months are largely supported by touring, some by guest work, some by both. The only reason I feel hesitant in any way to say that it's harder is that I am much happier. When I was working as a social worker and chasing my music career, I was so frustrated and depressed that I was becoming unbearable to be around. I made my friends around me miserable and my poor ex girlfriend had to put up with my fits and drinking. I was a bad dude. I'm so glad to be out of that part of my life. I don't miss it at all.

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