Louis Logic conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The Roar Of The Drunken Dragon

August 2003

Every once in a while an emcee comes out of nowhere and releases a mind-blowing modern hip-hop classic debut album that is filled with intelligence, insanity, sharp wit, and a balance of solid beats and tight rhymes. Louis Logic has been making some minor noise in the underground circuit for some time now. His association with Apathy and The Demigodz gave him some shine but only now is he getting the recognition he deserves.

He hooked up with Solid Records and released his debut solo album "Sin-A-Matic". Produced by J.J. Brown, Memo Of The Molemen, The Avid Record Collector and others, "Sin-A-Matic" is unlike any other hip-hop album out today while it has that classic hip-hop feel at the same time. Lyrically, Louis Logic is a wild man. While some people compare him to Eminem due to his dark humor, hard punch lines, and sharp wit, Louis Logic is truly a unique emcee. While Eminem rhymes about doing drugs, Louis Logic is an unashamed alcoholic. He can drink almost anyone under the table. His friend, Vinnie from Jedi Mind Tricks dubbed him "The Dragon" or "The Drunken Dragon". Even with tons of alcohol in his system, Louis Logic pumped out an album with songs that were both funny, poignant, intelligent, and devilishly clever. "The Ugly Truth" is a perfect example of a deliciously wicked Louis Logic track. Each verse explores the hatred of different religions, cultures, and races. Stereotypes and hateful (yet hilarious) remarks are made against Black people, gays, Asians, and more. Then, at the end of the song, the listener is shocked to hear that the narrator is actually George Bush. Many of the songs on "Sin-A-Matic" have this intense, hardcore wit.

Louis Logic finds the humor in the ugly. From freaking out on "Postal" to betrayal on "Best Friends" to retribution on "Revenge!" and sex and women on "Coochie Coup", "Idiot Gear", and "The Rest", Louis Logic tackles both new and old themes in a completely fresh and exciting way. While known for his clever punch lines, Logic crafted his skill on telling exciting stories and rhyming in new and different ways. As an emcee, he is versatile, unique, and hungry. Fueled by tons of alcohol, he gets help from other emcees like Celph Titled and Apathy.

The album does have the cinematic quality where you can listen to the entire LP in one sitting. Louis Logic is more than just an emcee. He also writes for Elemental Magazine. On a hot evening in August 2003, Louis Logic and I sat down and had an in-depth conversation about alcohol, sex, women, hip-hop, racism, music business, and life in general. So, Delve into you dark side, explore your sins, crack open the beers, and let The Drunken Dragon roar.

MVRemix: What goes on?

Louis Logic: Well, I supporting the record. I'm doing stuff on louislogic.com and drawing support from kids who are interesting in supporting a record in their own hometown. So, we're doing that. I am also organizing my own tour called 'The Louis Logic Traveling Bar Brawl'. It's very exciting stuff. There's that and I'm in the middle of recording another album, The Odd Couple album. It has myself, Jay Love and The Avid Record Collector.

MVRemix: The new album is called 'Sin-A-Matic'. Tell us about it?

Louis Logic: Well, originally when we started the project, I knew that I was going to do an album but I didn't know whereRapper Louis Logic Interview it was going to end up. I didn't want my stuff to go to waste. I wanted to spread the art. As we began to wrap up track after track, we began to realize how conceptual the songs were. It was focused on the ugly side of life and how humorous it can be. There were a few things that were supposed to be different but it all turned out good. All in all, I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

MVRemix: What was supposed to be different?

Louis Logic: Well, for one thing, originally, the bonus track at the end of the album, 'Let's Get It Started', was not supposed to be a bonus track. We went through 2 different joints actually for the bonus tracks. One of them is still a floater and it has no real home. It's in the process of being remixed by J-Zone. The other one was the 'Street Smarts' remix, which actually ended up on the first 12 inch. I guess in the interest in putting on new material on the album, which has all new lyrics and all new beats, a real slap in the face was a surprise that we needed to come up with a new joint. Unfortunately, the original song that we had planned, that is now being remixed by J-Zone, was another concept song, which was loosely inspired by the Buffalo Bill character in the movie 'Silence Of The Lambs'. We had a disastrous problem with technical difficulties in the studio. That song ended up getting scrapped, then remixed by J.J. Brown, but I wasn't really happy with how that remix turned out. So, I re-recorded it again, with a different take on the vocals, and then, sent it off to J-Zone. Now, he's working on it. I don't know if it will ever actually surface but it's kind of one of my favorite flicks.

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the title?

Louis Logic: I love movies and the album is very vivid and has concepts to it. It was kind of like a play on words. I tried to make a cinematic album. I used the word 'sin' as a play on words for the word 'cinematic'.

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite song on the 'Sin-a-Matic'?

Louis Logic: Wow! I don't know, dude, honestly. I probably have to say 'Idiot Gear'. If I were forced to pick one at gunpoint or with the prospect that I could never drink another beer again if I didn't choose, I would say 'Idiot Gear'. The song that was the most fun for me to record, even though it was also a headache due to all of the details that went into it, was the 'Best Friend' and 'Revenge!' duo. You wouldn't even believe what we had to go through for those tracks. It wasn't even just the headache of Avid being a royal pain in the ass, good friend that he may be. What a f*cker he could be! I love the dude to death but he wasn't even the biggest headache. We had a lot of back and forth stuff because the song incorporates the work of essentially 3 producers. J.J. Brown really co-produced that whole thing even though The Avid Record Collector gave the beats for the 'Best Friend' song and Memo from Molemen gave the beat for 'Revenge!'. It all required us to team up and become a true partner with J.J., in order to make it sound really dynamic. I love those 2 songs!

MVRemix: The songs 'Best Friend' and 'Revenge' are about horrible situations with women. Did anything like this (except the murder) happen to you in real life?

Louis Logic: The murder is the only true part of the story. That's why I can never keep a girl around. Celph and I are always getting all revved up and burying someone. Go figure.

MVRemix: How did you get involved with Solid Records?

Louis Logic: Matt Slywka, who is the front man for Solid Records, he worked on my earlier projects with Landspeed Records, before they became Traffic. I had such a good rapport and relationship with him that he asked me. He saw that I was paid and in a timely fashion. There were problems with Landspeed. I decided that when he went on to his next venture, Matt would be a good guy to work with because he would let me do whatever I want. I also would have the freedom to go elsewhere when it's all done. That's essentially how and why I ended up messing with Solid. I felt good and safe about putting a record out with them.

>> continued...

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